Partitura is a movement initiated by a collective of artists, questioning their place and responsibility - be it esthetic, ethical, social, pedagogical or spiritual - in a society where some of the most fundamental human values seem in crisis. It is the group’s endeavor to enable an open and transdisciplinary dialogue between different forms of art and science, and to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of human beings in their environment. 


Partitura’s activities may take multiple forms, such as :


  • The creation of choirs for disadvantaged children 
  • The creation of artistic workshops in hospitals, psychiatric centers and prisons
  • The evaluation of those different projects and the applied methods by a group of neuro-scientists and psychologists.
  • The organization of conferences of and encounters with scientists, philosophers and psychologists, with the purpose of creating bonds between the sciences, music and other arts.
  • The organization of concerts in new forms, uniting musicians of all generations on stages both traditional and alternative, occasionally in association with other art forms (dance, theater, circus etc), with the intention of appealing to new audiences.


Dominique Bertrand


The Founding Members of Partitura Association:

Maria - Joao Pires

Julien Brocal

Lilit Grigoryan

Julien Libeer

Milos Popovic


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