Lilit’s new recording with the cycle „Música callada“ by Frederic Mompou was released in October 2021 (Orchid Classics) and has already received a great deal of media attention. Shortly after its release, the CD reached Apple Music’s Top 10 monthly selected best albums.
Apple Music – TOP10 – Classical You Must Hear This Month

“Her new album goes one step further and is simply unique pianistically. Grigoryan pays attention to the unchanged valid modernity of the pieces. Their clear tone reveals the structures and allows a glimpse into the fine mechanism of the composer. Meditatively internalized and yet emotionally expressive, Grigoryan manages the balancing act between piano and spiritual demands, programmatic references and absolute musical texture.”
Dr Ingobert Waltenberger, Online Merker, December 2021

“It should be emotional, but for God’s sake not cheesy. With this fine interpretation, Lilit Grigoryan ranks high among the recordings that passed this test.“
Jens Laurson, Crescendo, November 2021

“And the way he also fused the impressionistic with the Iberian coloring now turns out to be extremely valuable in the sensitive, subtle and above all highly poetic complete recording by Lilit Grigoryan. Music and recording could equally beautify and enrich life on the desert island here.”
Guido Fischer, Rondomagazin, November 2021

“A remarkable disc, beautifully executed.”
Colin Clarke, International Piano Magazine, October 2021