“Highly emotional music from John Dowland to Benjamin Britten, worked out emotionally and quickly a little voluptuously.”
TOP 5 Klassik CDs, Journal Frankfurt, July 2022

“In any case, the warming sound of the viola gives comfort and the sensitive interplay of Errera and Grigoryan creates a pleasant atmosphere of familiarity.”
Marie-Teres Himmler, ORF Ö1, June 2022

“Errera inspires with a sound that oscillates between ashen mourning tones and bittersweet melodies, Grigoryan shines as a pianist with a sense of nuance and flow of sound.”
Christoph Irrgeher, Wiener Zeitung, June 2022

“However, the musicians avoid any kind of melancholy cloudiness, so that the rain songs in June have the effect of a refreshing lawn sprinkler.”
Stern, June 2022

“The pianist Lilit Grigoryan follows the courageous approach, balancing the dynamics of the grand piano so sensitively that the viola is never robbed of its leading role.”
Sven Kerkhoff, Musik an sich, June 2022