Ensemble Dimensions has been founded together with like-minded international musicians, the piano duo Olha Chipak and Oleksiy Kushnir, the concert pianist Lilit Grigoryan and the drum duo Theresia Seifert and Francisco Manuel Anguas Rodriguez. An ensemble that in it’s format – three pianos two drummers – is unique in the world.

A formation of 2 pianos + 2 drummers, which has already become classic, gives a work a certain scope. However, adding a third piano opens up a complete new horizon, new dimensions in the sound image and new stereophonic possibilities, in all its fullness. This not only offers space for creativity in new compositions, but in a new light, well-known symphonic works can also show their special, unexpected, secret sides – from a new perspective, among other things through the lasting flexibility and free breathing of a chamber music ensemble.